1. the-richie asked: Do you think the Star Wars geeks run into this problem because there are no female Clone Troopers? That being asked, CLAN ESCHER FOREVER!!!!

    Not sure what Star Wars is. Something to do with the C’Tan?


  2. equalgaming:

    This weekend I started working on a new project that I posted on the Data and Materials page. It has to do with the gender disparity of the language used in 40K rulebooks and codexes. This is especially important because most of the time, it is a new players first introduction to the lore and rules of the game. You walk into a game store, open up a cool looking copy of the Warhammer 40K Rulebook or Eldar Codex or Necron Codex or Imperial Guard Codex and start reading about the immersive world of 40K. 

    For some people it is the pictures of painted models that catch our eye, or the stories of heroic fantastical characters, or the massive battle scenes but whatever initially drew you in, you are now reading all about this vast universe. On one hand it says that women have many roles within the Imperium, Tau Empire, Eldar Race ect but on the other the hand, the language, art, models and stories simply do not back that up. 

    These books are needed to to play your army, whichever army you choose you must have the codex for it along with the 40K rulebook. What does it say to a woman on the fence about playing when she picks up the rulebook only to find that it barely acknowledges women in the 40K universe? Or when the most equal army she can play still refers to men more than women, and are on the whole scantily clad and over sexualized?

    The time has passed for women to be seen in the mainstream eye inferior sex objects. It wasn’t right in the first place and sure isn’t the right thing now. It is time for Games Workshop to update its image and that of their products. Women are people that deserve equal representation in gaming just like everywhere else. If you want to have an army of male and female “sex objects” fine, but give us much greater opportunities(like those available to men) where we do not have to play said sex objects or over sexualized female models. 

    It isn’t a big request, it is just the minimum: to be represented equally to our peers. 


  3. equalgaming:

    Hi there everyone! I wanted to let you guys what I have been up to the past few days :)

    Please take a look at the updated Materials Page for some of what I have been working on. Hint: it has to do with gender disparity in codexes…..

    There is still a ton of work to do on that front but…


  5. highkingofskyrim asked: favorite female character/model from the warhammer/40k universe? (mine's shadowsun)



    I think so far it’s gotta be Saint Sabbat in all her forms throughout the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels. And the female sergeant.. Criid I think her name is. She’s great, reminds me of Ripley from Aliens, super bad ass woman who doesn’t sacrifice her femininity and motherly aspects. That’s an amazing series with great female characters.

    The Emperor protects.


    Ooooh, can I play, too?

    Lotara Sarrin. Because badass Captain of the Conqueror and gutsy enough to tell Angron ‘that’s a dumb plan’, too.


    Oh hell yes!


  7. highkingofskyrim asked: favorite female character/model from the warhammer/40k universe? (mine's shadowsun)

    I think so far it’s gotta be Saint Sabbat in all her forms throughout the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels. And the female sergeant.. Criid I think her name is. She’s great, reminds me of Ripley from Aliens, super bad ass woman who doesn’t sacrifice her femininity and motherly aspects. That’s an amazing series with great female characters.

    The Emperor protects.


  8. equalgaming:






    By Andy Khouri

    “I think this woman is wrong about something on the Internet. Clearly my best course of action is to threaten her with rape.”

    That’s crazy talk, right? So why does it happen all the time?

    Honest question, dudes.

    That women are harassed online is not news. That women in comics and the broader fandom cultures are harassed online is not news. That these women are routinely transmitted anonymous messages describing graphic sexual violence perpetrated upon them for transgressions as grave as not liking a thing… that is actually news to me, and it’s probably news to a lot of you guys reading this.

    So what do we do about it?



    This is important.

    "…the deviation, the invading body, the cancer." "We won’t stop attacking."

    Bring it ON, little boy. But be aware this cancer is metastatic, and it’s fucking lethal.

    And as the article says, the plot of the entire toxic debacle, is so:

    'All this happened because a woman didn't like a comic book cover that a man did.'

    And if that doesn’t make it all seem like purile antics to you, I don’t know what will convince you that this behaviour only serves to make you look like a screaming manchild. You may not have noticed, but women comprise half of our species: we’re not going anywhere and the days you could depend on your possession of a penis to shut us up are most definitely over.

    PS. equalgaming you might be interested in this article, if you didn’t see it yet!

    Truth: I get some awful messages like this. I get called names, threatened, talked down too, shouted at, cat-called ect. at games, stores, cons and anywhere else I’m hanging out with other players. 

    Some of the people that do this are people that I normally would consider “friends”. But for some reason you start talking about “nerdy things” like gaming, sci-fi, comics ect. they get defensive and turn against you. Why do they do this? As a co-worker of mine put it “Men like me who play games see it as a time to relax and hang out with the boys. They think that you are trying to take that away from them so they fight back like misogynistic rabid animals. If more women are around or if things start changing to include more women then they’ll lose their guy time.”

    Here is the thing, if men want to be with other men and have fun in an exclusively male place then I am totally ok with that. But it shouldn’t effect anyone else, at all, ever. Do stuff at home with your friends and if they aren’t in the same city, use skype or ventrillo. If a sudden influx of men decided to start getting mani-pedis or blowouts at the salon and women started threatening those men or harassing them, my message would be the same to the women using those places and activities for “girl time”. 

    A lot of the male gamers I am exposed too on a regular basis normally act 1 of 2 ways. Like I am some magical creature that can’t possibly exist in real life so I get worshiped and hit on constantly to see if I can be captured. Or I am the worst thing imaginable, a woman that is trying to infiltrate the brotherhood and cannot be controlled so I am hated but still objectified. Neither of these groups see me as a person, I am not a human being to them and that is the real crux of the issue. That these people are so wrapped up in trying to keep their safe place that they dehumanize others, attack people who aren’t like them, who they find threatening just to keep what they have for a little while longer.

    Sometimes when I call people out on the improper use of the word rape or the use of girl as an insult, I get looked at like they didn’t expect me to say something. “People feel like they have to watch what they say around you Trish.” is something a partner of mine told me. You know what? They shouldn’t say that shit in the first place and if gaming is the last “safe haven” for sexism I am never going to be quiet, I am never going to let that shit go and you will always hear me calling you out on it. You can threaten me, you can call me names, you can treat me like dirt but at the end of the day, I can look in the mirror and be proud of who I am and what I stand for.

    The Emperor Protects!


  9. thundersofthenorthwind asked: You are an exemplary and commendable human being, and I hope you know that it's because of debates like these that my interest in Warhammer and the Warhammer universe gets stronger, not the opposite. Valid criticism of a game/setting does not mean that the setting is without merit. It just means there are things open to debate, and I'm glad for you and the people who can see that rationally.

    Thank you brother, I agree with you 100%. It’s so great to hear from all the extremely intelligent, progressive and open minded Warhammer fans. Despite the trolls, everyone has been really supportive and that’s what I love about this community. 

    When I first started getting into Warhammer, my only real experience was Space Marine (the video game) and owning but not yet reading a copy of Gaunt’s Ghosts The Founding. I didn’t even know that Space Marines were divided into chapters. I was at a party and someone mentioned Warhammer40k and since I hadn’t really met anyone that was into it I said “Awesome, I love the Ultramarines!”.. and I got lambasted for being a newbie who like the boring Ultramarines. Add that to a couple random bad experiences and needless to say, my impression of Warhammer fans was dismal. They were elitist snobs who only wanted to have a pissing contest to decide who was the mightiest repository of Warhammer lore.

    Long story short, I read a few more books, learned a lot about the lore and the game (not that much about the game I’m still a wicked newbie about it) and started this blog as a way of participating online. Now I realize that the community is actually really welcoming and insanely talented and supportive. 

    The point is it took a while for me to get into Warhammer which is something I now love. It should have been easier and I’m an organically grown white male! I can’t imagine animosity some girls feel when trying to get WH. I can just hear the condescending “mansplaining” now…

    Forgive the long, winding post. But again, I agree that the conversation makes WH better not worse. Putting it out there let’s people who are new know that there are fellow fans willing to stick up for others and maybe even change a little bit of what they like about WH in order to share it with friends.

    The Emperor protects.

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